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CASA CUSY TAS Lunar New Year Study Break 1/31/2014

Everyone had a good time, but they didn't save leftovers for us! :(


AASA Basketball Tournament 3/29/2014

CASA BBall for the win!


CASA's Got Talent 4/18/2014

Our fellow CASA members performed, and we all had a blast!


CASA Families Dumpling Night 3/01/2014

Fun with CASA Families and good food!


CASA Elections 2014

Say hello to CASA Board 2014!


Freshman Hot Pot

The Freshman Liaisons this year did a wonderful job with the Freshman Hot Pot event, providing free hot pot to nearly 100 people.



We invited Harvard's CSA to come eat hot pot with us the night before the big Harvard-Yale game.


Stick it with CASA!

We asked everyone to share what they liked about Chinese culture, as well as thoughts about racism towards Asian Americans in different aspects of the world.<br>


Wonton Night

We usually have Noodle Night but this year we switched it up and decided to do Wonton Night. Needless to say, it was quite a successful event (and delicious) event!


CASA Hangout

Our first CASA hangout of the new academic year! Lots of food, games, and CASPY crane making.


Moon Cake Study Break

Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with moon cakes, tea, haikus, and gift cards. Shout out to our partner TAS for helping out with this event!


CASA Families & First Meeting

Kickin' off CASA for the Fall 2013 semester and grouping upperclassmen with wonderful freshman children.


Jennifer 8. Lee

Publisher, reporter, and co-founder of Plympton, Jennifer 8. Lee, came to Yale to talk about her experiences in journalism and start ups.


1st CASA Hangout

Kicking off our board liaisons program, CASA Board hosted our first CASA Hangout. We had a delightful selection of Asian snacks and games. The screams from the hardcore ERS game rang throughout WLH.


Lunar New Year Celebration

CASA teamed up with CUSY to give away over a thousand dollars worth of Chinese food to the Yale public in celebration of Chinese New Year! Even after all the free food was gone, most stayed to enjoy some intense karaoke.


Turnover Banquet

Old board made way for new board at Oaxaca Kitchen for CASA's Turnover Banquet. After the delectable meal, we watched new board's parody of Mean Girls: CASA Girls.


Spring Kickoff

To start the spring semester off strong, CASA Board 2013 brought CASA together for scallion pancakes and games of ninja. But tensions rose and drama ensued when it came time to reveal the winners of the raffle prizes.


2013 Elections

The CASA membership decided who would lead them for all of 2013. Congratulations to all the new board members!


Noodle Night

Home-cooked noodles by CASA Board were a hit at the AACC. We slaved away for hours making five different types of noodles for all of Yale to enjoy!


Triad Night

Unbeknownst to most, CASA is actually a triad that meets weekly to discuss assassinations and drug deals... I mean... play board games and drink mocktails.


Master's Tea with Larissa Lam

Singer and entertainer, Larissa Lam, came to Yale for a Master's Tea at the Pierson's Master's House. After the talk, we enjoyed a delightful meal with Larissa and Master G.


Mid-Autumn Festival

CASA celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with a mooncakes and tea study break! The mooncakes were delicious and we used so many water boilers that we shorted out the circuits in LC101.